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Save the Tasmanian Devil from Extinction

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Prevent the extinction of the Tasmanian Devil! Provide food, medicine and care for this extremely endangered animal.

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Only 25,000 Tasmanian Devils in the world remain in existence today! Their numbers in the wild have plummeted; Tasmanian Devils are now extinct on mainland Australia and have dropped to less than 10% of their historic population in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Devil, which has fallen victim to one of the only known contagious cancers, plays a critical role in the wild as a top-order predator. A range of other wonderful Australian species rely on the devil to perform its ecological function and eradicate invasive species.

With your help, we can ensure the population does not go extinct entirely. By breeding as many of the surviving, healthy individuals in captivity as possible, we can prevent the extinction of the species. Global Wildlife Conservation and Devil Ark are saving the Tasmanian Devil through a dual approach of maintaining an insurance population through captive breeding and then releasing healthy individuals back to the wild.

You can help. Just $7 provides one month of preventative healthcare for one of these amazing creatures.

Report from the Field

December 2017

2017 was a very successful year! Here is a breakdown of our accomplishments: * Currently housing 200 Tasmanian Devils * 7,413 acres of land secured for sanctuary protection * Confirmed breeding in Eastern Quolls, Long-nosed Potoroos, and Southern Brown Bandicoots. 11 Eastern Quoll joeys have been confirmed and are now being naturally reared by mothers at the Devil Ark site. * Record year of Tasmanian Devil breeding with a present count of 51 joeys! * More than 184,820 people have learned about Tasmanian Devils and their fight against extinction through on site visitation of Devil Ark’s sister facility Australian Reptile Park and daily educational programs * More than 9,991 students received direct education on Tasmanian Devil conservation, ecosystem function, and preventing species extinction by all New South Wales schools showing programs featuring the Tasmanian Devil and Devil Ark

May 2017

In a mere 7 months, we were able to provide comprehensive care for 12 Tasmanian Devils! This includes daily health checks and monitoring, facility maintenance and operations, as well as direct expenses of Tasmanian Devil food, veterinary expenses, and preventative health care treatments. This high standard of care has contributed to the record breaking breeding success achieved this year, including a total of 51 Tasmanian Devil joeys born at Devil’s Ark! Devil Ark is currently expanding their capacity with the goal to provide homes to 360 Tasmanian Devils. We will continue to provide vital support to ensure these species have a higher chance of survival.

The mission of Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) is to protect endangered species and habitats through partnerships and science-based field action. Their global efforts target species and ecosystems at imminent risk of disappearing forever to ensure that they not only survive, but thrive, for the benefit of nature and society.

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