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Help Jessie the Border Collie Rediscover Lost Species

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Jessie needs your help to continue on her mission to search for lost species. When you donate $5, you provide a Care Package for Jessie for One Day, including high quality food, medical insurance, treats and toys.

For a limited time a generous donor is willing to MATCH YOUR DONATION $1 for $1!

Meet Jessie, the CourageousK9 searching for South Africa's rarest toad - the Amathole Toad - previously thought to be extinct until it was spotted in 2011.

Jessie's sharp nose has been training to sniff for scats (droppings) of endangered frogs and toads, providing essential information on where they live and how many remain. Not only is Jessie able to cover larger areas and rougher terrain than humans, but is able to sniff for species that humans would easily miss.

Jessie's current mission is one unlike any before. After six years of searching, the Amathole Toad has only been seen 7 times. Without knowledge of where the toad lives, we cannot protect it from threats of deforestation, agriculture, overgrazing, and wildfires.

You can help. Your generous gift will ensure Jessie is provided proper care and feeding. When you sponsor a care package, you are providing high quality dog food, medical insurance, treats, and toys for Jessie. Because of you, she can continue on her mission to save the Amathole Toad from extinction. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to support CourageousK9s like Jessie.

CourageousK9s, a program of GreaterGood.org, is committed to supporting dogs working to protect people and the planet. These brave dogs are trained specifically to help children, veterans, victims of violence, those with disabilities, and in cases of disaster; as well as protect habitat and save wildlife. We partner with organizations utilizing animal's unique intelligence, innate senses, and individual willingness and desire to work to achieve goals that humans may not be able to accomplish without them.

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