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Help Grace the CourageousK9 Guide Bears to Safety

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GreaterGood.org is celebrating 10 Years of Giving Where It Matters! Help us protect bears by supporting CourageousK9s like Grace.

Meet Grace, the CourageousK9 dedicated to protecting bears from humans and humans from bears. Grace is a very sweet and loving dog - a mother and grandmother to other heroic canines in her home of Alberta, Canada. She is a Karelian Bear Dog, a beautiful and rare breed known to be intelligent, fearless and full of boundless energy. Grace's specialty is ground tracking. She is meticulous about scent and loves to get on the trail of a bear. She is able to show her trainer exactly where the bear went and help it move it out of an area with high human use, ultimately keeping it alive. Grace is the reason residents of her town in Alberta feel safe from bears and bears safe from humans.

Grace needs to be as healthy as possible to reduce human-bear conflicts. To do that, she needs YOUR help to cover medical costs, and to make sure her work can continue. By teaching bears to recognize and avoid human territory, Karelian Bear Dogs ultimately keep populations of bears safe, wild and alive.

You can help. Your urgent support will ensure Grace and other brave dogs like her can continue to harness their superb sense of smell, energy, and eagerness for the greater good of the planet. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to support dogs like Grace assisting with bear protection efforts.

Check out Grace working in Whistler Olympic Park to keep bears and people safe!

CourageousK9s, a program of GreaterGood.org, is committed to supporting dogs working to protect people and the planet. These brave dogs are trained specifically to help children, veterans, victims of violence, those with disabilities, and in cases of disaster; as well as protect habitat and save wildlife. We partner with organizations utilizing animal's unique intelligence, innate senses, and individual willingness and desire to work to achieve goals that humans may not be able to accomplish without them.

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